The single greatest change you can make to any amp is replacing its capacitors with better performance variants.

Most electrolytic capacitors will deteriorate over the years because of the materials used in the construction of them.  The quality of the capacitor also determines this also and we see the same degradation within non-electrolytic capacitors too. Components like capacitors have a useful life and this will change per the environmental conditions, heat, cold, humidity and length of the unit is on can all affect the lifetime of a capacitor.

Replacing the capacitors within power supplies and audio stages with better quality versions we can gain improvements.  Making the right choices on components for manufacturing is based on budget constraints i.e what the customer will pay for the end product, adding to the bill of material an increase in the cost of components can add thousands to the end price. So, Manufacturers tend to select areas of product the putting a high-quality capacitor would make the best difference.

Over the years we have seen that replacing capacitors around clock circuitry and audio stages can make a vast improvement.

Good quality capacitors will give an increase in life to your product but will also improve sound staging of an amplifier, better dynamics and tighter control within the electronics.  In the end, a good quality capacitor will have far-ranging improvements.

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Replacing Old Capacitors in Products
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